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Pre-Employment Background Screening Checks
This site is a fast and easy guide to finding a background screening service to use when you are conducting investigative checks on potential employees or property tenants.

There are three main options available for obtaining a background check.

• One way is to contract with a full-service employment verification and investigative firm such as Universal Background Screening or Intelius. Besides offering a full assortment of employer services, they will conduct background investigations and then report back to you.

• A second option is for you to visit an online site where you can basically order a fast standardized search for a flat fee on each individual search.

• The third option is for you to essentially undertake the work yourself. Because so much data is now available (with the right authorizations and connections) online these days, there are a few services that will allow you to connect to their easy-to-use web-based application software which will enable you to conduct your own background checks from your office computer. You pay just once, but then you can run as many searches as you need to.

You can browse through our national alphabetical list of screening companies or you can narrow your search by state.


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Top Two Choices:
Universal Background Screening

Employee Background Checks from Intelius
Intelius is one of the most widely used employment background screening services.

Universal Background Screening
Universal Background Screening provides comprehensive background checks with free account setup.

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