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Here are a few other school and education websites you may find interesting.

Culinary Institutions
are where you train to become a chef. You will be taught by professional chefs in a commercial kitchen environment. You will learn pastry making, baking and culinary arts skills both in the classroom and through direct internships with local restaurants. Courses usually last less than two years.

is where you can find a local school where you can study design and graphic arts. Graphic design careers are in demand and you can start your search online. Find a design school near you.

Educational Degrees on the Web
If you want to get your degree on the Web, you can find a tremendous variety of programs and a vast array of options. All degrees are available and the internet is open 24 hours a day.

Designer Classes
opportunities for obtaining a bachelor's or associate's degree in interior design. If you've always had a interest in commercial or residential design, here is your change to get going in this fabulous field.

Massage Training
is where student go to learn therapeutic and sports massage. There are a few good massage schools out there and when you graduate, you can go to work at an exotic resort, fancy hotel, cool spa, medical rehab center or even your own private practice. Massage therapy is becoming more popular every year. Find out if it's for you.

Trade School
information and details. When you want a technical career, perhaps a local trade school, vocational college or technical university would be perfect for you. A vocation-specific trade school can get you the exact training you need to get started in your new career, without spending extra time in the classroom. You can pick up your diploma or course certificate in as short a time as possible and get on the job earning a paycheck.


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